Six Dentures Mistakes To Avoid

Dentures are better known as false teeth. It is a device to wear and replace missing teeth and supported by gums, surrounding soft and hard tissue. Patients can replace their teeth, restore their smile, and remove it if they want. Dentures are made of resin, porcelain, plastic or metal. So later we look at six dentures mistakes to avoid.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures, some of which are:

1. Full Dentures: During the Full dentures, the doctor replaces the whole mouth rather than a part of it. Those who have many missing teeth should go for full dentures.
2. Partial Dentures: Those with fewer teeth or gaps can go for a partial denture. It is most popular among those people who have few missing teeth.
3. Implant-Supported Dentures: An implant-supported denture is a type of overdenture that replaces several teeth at one time. Doctors may recommend this implant type if the patients lose most of their teeth.

Steps of Dental Prosthesis:

  • Dental Examination
  • Making The Dentures
  • Fitting The Dentures
  • Adapting To The Dentures

It is a time-consuming process based on the patient needs and oral health. Some of them need 2-3 visits, whereas others need almost 4-6 visits. After an examination based on the patient’s budget, the doctor gives a few options for dentures. After consultation, the dentist will take impressions and measurements to ensure the best fit. When the dentures are ready for fitting, the patient gets a call from the office. The doctor ensures the dentures fit without any issues or pain. It may take some time to adapt to eating and speaking with the dentures.

Six Dentures Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the common 6 mistakes people should avoid with dentures recommended by your dentist in Sacramento:

Brushing Less:

Brush your dentures daily as your natural teeth. Remove and rinse dentures after eating. You must take care of your mouth, gum, tongue, and other natural teeth with extra care to ensure that all the bacteria are removed.

Not Using a Soft Bristle Brush:

To protect your dentures, use a soft brush for cleaning. Dentures are delicate and can easily get damaged. Dental professionals always recommend soft toothbrushes. Dentures are softer than normal teeth and therefore scratch more easily. Soak and rinse the dentures with water and a non-abrasive cleanser. Better, follow the dentist recommendations for the right kind of cleaners.

Not Handling Carefully:

Wrong handling of dentures can cause damage, chip or break them. Dropping dentures on the floor can break them as dentures do not prove very strong. Stay very cautious when cleaning and soaking them in solutions. When you find yourself not wearing dentures, they should remain safely in a closed container out of reach from children and pets. Remain sure that dentures stay covered with water when not in use. Dentures should not stay left to dry. Overnight soak in a doctor-recommended solution. Rough brushing with toothpaste can scrape dentures. In summary, dentures are not as sturdy and require care with caution.

Stains that make cracks:

Clean dentures every day and treat them as your natural teeth. Stains can form on dentures from foods like coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and using tooth whitening products can harm the dentures. Hydrogen peroxide is effective at removing stains. Consult your dentist if stains need to be removed from your dentures in Sacramento.

Not Visiting the Dentist’s Office:

Regular visits at intervals as recommended by dentist remain required to ensure that dentures stay in good condition. Sometimes adjustments may prove needed for dentures. And you dentist can examine your teeth, gums and oral health.

Being in a hurry:

Be cautious when you wear dentures for the first time. Give your dentist time to get the right denture fit. Dentures may look simple but making dentures that fit well is often a time-consuming and complex process.
Dentures are the most sought-after treatment for missing teeth. With huge advances in dentistry, there are now dentures that are convenient to use and more comfortable. Just avoid the most common mistakes with dentures and enjoy the benefits of full teeth and smile.

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