What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

One thing all people have in common is the need to visit the dentist. Sometimes we have to visit the dentist for routine cleanings and check-ups. Sometimes, an emergency situation calls for us to make an appointment. It’s almost impossible to predict when a dental emergency might occur. Some patients might even want to know, what is considered a dental emergency?

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Stonebrook Dental, the home of your trusted dentist in Sacramento, has studied common dental emergencies and can recommend the best treatments accordingly. Continue reading to learn what counts as a dental emergency and the best way to get urgent treatment ASAP.

Broken or Lost Tooth

Many people involved in contact sports, particularly those around the mouth, are at risk for injury. You can either loosen your teeth from a fall or trip, or crack the structure. This proves a serious dental emergency and should end up addressed immediately.

Do not attempt to pick up a tooth that has fallen out by its roots. You can pick it up from the surface, and then place it in a glass of milk. This will keep it moist until the dentist can put it back in.

Sudden Mouth Sores

Everybody gets mouth sores from time to time. It could be as simple as a sore from a canker, or a series of sores all over the mouth. It doesn’t matter what the cause of your sores is, you should visit an emergency dentist immediately. To prevent any long-term effects, the cause of sores could be gum disease or another painful condition.

Growing Toothache

Many things can cause a toothache. However, it is important to seek treatment immediately if the pain persists. Root canal treatment may be necessary if you have a toothache. Warm water is recommended to rinse the mouth if it persists. To ensure that nothing is stuck between your teeth, you can use floss.

A Chip or Crack

Accidents can happen in even the most minor of ways, but it still may be necessary to visit the emergency dentist. It remainss best to seek treatment immediately if your teeth end up chipped or broken. You should use warm water to rinse your mouth. Use a cold compress if you have swelling. If your pain persists, you need to seek emergency dental care as quickly as you can.

Bitten Lip or Bitten Tongue

Do you remember ever biting your tongue? Or possibly your lip? It can cause pain and send a shock through your body. Although it may seem like an obvious fact, sometimes biting your tongue can be a painful experience. Use a soft cloth to clean any bleeding. To stop bleeding and reduce swelling, apply a cold compress. If bleeding continues for more than 10 minutes, go to the emergency department.

Broken Jaw

Broken jaws are a serious problem. A broken jaw can cause pain and misalignment. You should immediately evaluate how your jaw feels after a fracture. A broken jaw is usually indicated by swelling and bruises on the face.

If you are unable to close your jaw properly or get your lower and upper teeth to touch it, your jaw may be broken. Apply pressure and a cold compress. You might use a bandage to secure your jaw in place if it is badly broken. You should immediately go to the emergency department if you have difficulty breathing or are bleeding profusely.

Visit Your Emergency Dentist ASAP!

Do not hesitate to visit your emergency dentist in Sacramento if you’re in pain. Our specialists can provide quick treatment, no matter how urgent your needs are. Do not sit by and watch your pain get worse. You must get your dental issues taken care of immediately so that you can return to good health as soon as possible. Book an appointment today with us!

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