How Long Does Laughing Gas Last?

Navigating the world of dentistry can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding the different types of sedation dentistry. One common method is the use of laughing gas. But how long does it last? And what should you expect? Let’s dive in. What is Laughing Gas Used For? Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is … Read more

Can You Switch From Braces to Invisalign?

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Traditional metal braces have been a long-standing recommendation from orthodontists, but Invisalign is gaining traction as a viable option for those with flexible needs. Both types of alignment treatments are designed with the goal of complete realignment, helping anyone put their misshapen or asymmetrical teeth back into place. While metal braces are rigid and immobile, … Read more

Can you have tooth extraction while pregnant?

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Tooth extractions may be necessary for your oral health. They are a common dental procedure that involves removing the tooth from the socket in the jawbone. While dentists focus on preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible, removal may be necessary. Whether it’s decay, gum disease, overcrowding, or trauma, your dentist may recommend … Read more

How to prevent infection after tooth extraction: top precautions to take

concept of preventing infection after tooth extraction

Extractions are a common procedure in dentistry. They are done for a variety of reasons, including trauma, injury, advanced gum disease, and severe decay. Extractions can actually improve your oral health. However, there is a risk of infection after extraction. You can easily reduce your risk by taking certain measures. Below you will find how … Read more

Surprising Facts About Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings are a common and effective restorative dentistry treatment. The treatment helps repair damaged or decayed teeth in order to restore its full appearance and function. There are various types of dental fillings available depending on your unique needs. Each has their own unique advantages. Below you will find surprising facts about dental fillings. … Read more

Six Dentures Mistakes To Avoid

dentist explaining dentures mistakes to avoid

Dentures are better known as false teeth. It is a device to wear and replace missing teeth and supported by gums, surrounding soft and hard tissue. Patients can replace their teeth, restore their smile, and remove it if they want. Dentures are made of resin, porcelain, plastic or metal. So later we look at six … Read more

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